Gebrauchte feuerwehrhandschuhe für donation

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    • Gebrauchte feuerwehrhandschuhe für donation

      Hello dear colleagues firefighters!!
      Due to very bad financial situation and low yearly budget that my fire department recieve from municipality (1000 Euro pro year), we are unable to buy new protective equipement. Last year we have recieved a donation of 6 yellow PBI Cosalt Ballyclare turnouts, and we managed to buy a used rosenbauer heros helmets with funds that we gathered for few years. Currently we are using cheap working gloves for welders worth around 3 Euro. If anybody has fireman gloves, new or used, but still usable and is willing to donate it, please contact me at! Thank you! :)
      Best regards,
      Ivan Špoljarić, secretary of DVD Jakopovec
      Varaždin county, Croatia